Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I have just completed a project creating designs for fabrics for interiors. The brief had an emphasis on texture and rhythm of line, with a muted colour palette of black, white, greys and taupe. I had a trip to Canada last year and took a lot of photos as part of my research, mainly of natural forms ..........

... and also of the reflections in the windows of the huge steel and glass buildings in Calgary. I loved the way the distortion in the reflections of other buildings created wonderful patterns that changed according to the light or a slight alteration in viewing angle.

I worked these up into a range of designs and chose one based on the window patterns to develop into my printed samples which you can see below. I tried to incorporate a range of techniques in the samples and have learnt a lot in the process. Before I printed the samples I didn't think that printing would be my thing, but in fact I really enjoyed doing it, and the work has now been entered into the Bradford Textile Society competition.

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